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Choosing the Right Contractor for Sewer and Storm Drain Cleaning in Maryland

Choosing a company to service your sewer pipes or storm drains can be challenging. There are many great companies in the Maryland area that can get the job done, and each comes with pros and cons. Which company you choose largely depends on the job you need done. Here are the questions to ask before signing a contractor to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting:

  1. What is the total cost upfront and over time?
    There are two parts to pricing out a Maryland sewer or storm drain cleaning:

    • What are you paying now?
    • What will you pay in the next year or two?

    It’s important to look at both of these when deciding on a contractor. A cheap clean now may leave you paying for a new round of cleaning within the year, driving up the total cost. One of the best ways to know whether you’ll need a pipe cleaning again in the near future is…

  2. Which type of pipe cleaning do they offer?
    There are two main methods used in the Maryland area to clean storm drains and sewers: traditional augers and water Jet Blasting. The first of these options consists of rotating steel blades that cut through blockages. The second uses water pressure to hose down the inside of a pipe or drain and wash it out. Both methods have pros and cons.

    Traditional Auger


    • There are more companies offering this method in the Maryland area as it is the most common method.
    • Can be faster and cheaper per visit as there is less set up time required.


    • Cannot return a pipe to its full capacity (some of the blockage will remain).
    • May require future visits more frequently because buildup can happen faster.

    Water Jet Blasting


    • Can clear almost any type of blockage. The water pressure used can be adjusted to the pipe and blockage type, making it clear tough blocks with ease.
    • Returns a drain to 100% of its original capacity by scouring the pipe walls with water.
    • Easy clean up; water washes the debris away.


    • Longer set up time as it requires a water source and calibration.
    • More expensive up front.

    By weighing these pros and cons you can get a better idea of what the best option for your blockage may be.

  3. How quickly can they respond?
    This is often the #1 deal-breaker for sewer and storm drain cleaning companies in the Maryland area: it can be hard to get a company that responds quickly to emergencies.

    In the previous section, we mentioned that water Jet Blasting can be slower to set up. That does not mean those companies are slower to respond, however. Here at Jet Blast®, for instance, we respond to every emergency within 24 hours, fully clearing the blockage.

    What if you don’t have an emergency, though? Ask what their lead time and availability is for scheduled cleanings. If you’re getting a storm drain cleaned, check in your Stormwater Best Management Practices manual for the property and make sure it fits with your timeline.

  4. Do they work with your property type regularly?
    It can be helpful to ask whether the company you’re interested in hiring has experience with your specific property type. Each county has different requirements as well; Baltimore Country manages storm systems differently than Calvert County, for instance. Asking if the contractor you’re eyeing has previously worked in your area can be a great way to ensure the job will be handled professionally.
  5. Can they deal with your specific type of blockage?
    If you just need regular waste cleared, this question isn’t a big concern; virtually all companies that offer sewer and storm drain cleaning can clear runoff waste and regular sewer waste. If you have something unusual in your pipes, however, you should ask if they are able to clear that beforehand. There are companies that cannot deal with chemical waste, for instance, and others that don’t have the equipment to clear extremely hard or sticky substances. Asking ahead of time prevents a headache and saves you time.
  6. These 6 Questions Can Save You Time, Money, and Sanity when Having Your Sewer or Storm Drains Cleaned.

    Now that you know what questions to ask, let’s see how Jet Blast® serves the Maryland area when it comes to sewer and storm drain cleaning:

    1. What is the total cost?
      At Jet Blast, we work to fully and completely clear any blockage we work on. Our prices reflect that quality of work. We aren’t the cheapest option in Maryland, but we are one of the most cost-effective when you factor in future cleanings that we eliminate with our work.
    2. How Experienced is your pipe cleaning contractor?
      Jet Blast started cleaning pipes & drains in 1979. With over 41 years of experience in cleaning virtually every type of pipe or drain in the industry. We can provide you with expert advice and recommendations on the most cost effective way to get your pipe or drain flow back to 100%. Our field technicians are known to be the most experienced in the industry. Many of our elite Jet Blast® employees have been with us for 25 plus years.
    3. What type of pipe cleaning do we offer?
      We use water Jet Blasting almost exclusively. As we stated above, we strive for quality in our cleanings and we’ve found water Jet Blasting to be the most effective. That being said, we always do a free pre-project assessment to ensure we have the best possible tools for the job. This applies even in our 24/7 emergency services. Our assessments are actually part of what helps us clear any blockages within 24 hours.
    4. How quickly do we respond?
      Within 24 hours for emergencies, always. We are a mid-sized company with the staff, tools, and professionalism to fully assess and clear blockages that quickly. Blocked pipes and drains can be devastating. We are always here to fix it as fast as possible.
    5. What property types do we work on?
      We work on a wide range of properties from private homes to commercial properties, factories, and even [municipal] sites like power plans and reservoirs. As a mid-sized company in the Maryland area, we’ve dealt with virtually every part of the state as well. This versatility helps us give our customers insights for their specific job.
    6. What blockages can we deal with?
      Almost anything. Seriously. We have a list on our Vacuum Truck Services Page that will give you a great idea. Everything on that page is material we have cleared. If it isn’t on that list, just call us. We can work with you to find a solution.

    Contact Us Today for Help With Sewer and Storm Drain Cleaning

    After serving the Maryland area for 20+ years, we know a thing or two about sewer and storm drain cleaning. We offer free, detailed estimates for any job. We guarantee:

    • One of our trained professionals will visit your job site.
    • We take measurements and/or quantities needed to perform the work.
    • We also take samples or material safety data sheets so we know exactly what we’re dealing with.
    • We have a job discussion with you to ensure everyone is on the same page.
    • You get a tailored proposal and job specific quote.
    • We schedule services at your convenience.
    • And we always arrive on time and complete the service. This is usually within 24 hours of your call for our clients in need of emergency service.

    And we are always here for you. We operate 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day. Our ability to clear a drain within 24 hours makes us the emergency professionals for Maryland. Call us today to start the process!

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