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Confined Space Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning

As part of our services, Jet Blast® offers a range of options for cleaning all types of confined spaces, tanks, or vessels.

Confined Space Cleaning 1

No Entry Options

Our Vessel and Tank 3D nozzle allows us to clean a tank without ever having a person set foot inside the confined space. This nozzle operates at up to 40,000 PSI, letting it scrub off even the hardest or stickiest materials with ease. The 3D rotation ensures it reaches every part of the tank, ensuring the space returns to 100% of its original capacity after cleaning.

This no-entry option is designed to eliminate the risk that comes with putting operators into a confined space full of hazardous materials. Without having to account for the extensive and necessary safety measures needed to put a man in a vessel with hazardous materials, we’re able to complete jobs more quickly without sacrificing quality. These savings get passed on to you as the client.

No Entry Tank Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning 2

Confined Space Entry Professionals

Whenever we do need to put a man inside a confined space, we make sure it’s done the right way. All our professionals are OSHA trained in confined space entry, respiratory protection, hazard communication, and every other skill needed to safely execute cleaning a confined space, tank, or vessel. We also require our estimators do a thorough check of the job site before we decide how to approach cleaning a confined space. Their expertise allows us to make better decisions on the best way to approach every situation.

Emergency Services

We’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. If you need a confined space cleaned with water Jet Blasting or wet/dry vacuuming, we’re ready for your call. We’ll have an estimator out to your job site immediately and can usually solve your problem within 24 hours. Call us now to get started on solutions.

Call Us Today

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate on cleaning your confined space, vessel or tank. Our sales professionals go beyond a simple call and visual inspection. With every estimate you get…

  • One of our trained professionals will visit your job site.
  • We take measurements and/or quantities needed to perform the work.
  • We also take samples or material safety data sheets so we know exactly what we’re dealing with.
  • We have a job discussion with you to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • You get a tailored proposal and job-specific quote.
  • We schedule services at your convenience.
  • And we always arrive on time and complete the service. This is usually within 24 hours of your call for our clients in need of emergency service.

Call now to set up a consultation!