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Surface Preparation Jetting Services

Surface Preparation Jetting Services

Jet Blast offers the best jetting services in the area for surface preparation and more!

Surface preparation is the clearing away of paint, dirt, chemicals, oxidation, and other particles from a surface to prepare it for a new applicable coating. These surfaces could be aluminum, steel, concrete, wood, or plastic, among other metals. Over the last two decades, surface preparation through water jetting has become the preferred method. If you are looking for surface preparation jetting services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Virginia, or Washington, D.C., here is what you need to know!

Benefits of Water Jetting

Water jetting, also known as water jet blasting, is the use of pressurized water to clean off the toughest, deepest dirt from industrial surfaces. One can scientifically adjust the water pressure to dislodge dirt without damaging the surface itself. Jet Blast Inc.’s jet blasting technology can have pressure up to 40,000 psi! 

Surface preparation jetting services are beneficial in part because of its environmental friendliness. It is highly practical in that it does away with the dust that can billow during a dry version of surface preparation. It is also non-toxic, as it is only water. 

Because it is only water that is cleaning the surface, there is no cleanup to deal with. Sandblasting, for example, requires significant cleanup after each round.

Best of all, it does its job. Water, at the right pressure, can get deep into the pores of industrial surfaces and fully clean them out.

Types of Water Jet Machines

In the industry, you may find three different types of water jet machines: handheld, semi-automatic, and automatic. Handheld water jetting devices are limited in their productivity, but they will always be necessary for handling detailed work that a larger machine cannot reach. Semi-automatic machines operate similarly to lawnmowers; they provide the same cleaning power as handhelds, cover a greater area faster, and alleviate operator fatigue. However, they are limited to horizontal surfaces only. Fully automatic machines use a water jet and vacuum combination to dispose of water and toxic debris as they go and can operate on horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces. Operation is through remote control.

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