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Heat Exchanger Cleaning Methods

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Methods

Jet Blast Inc. specializes in cleaning heat exchangers with advanced water jet blasting.

In power plants and other industrial settings, heat exchangers help to keep operations running. There are different types of heat exchangers, such as shell and tube heat exchangers, evaporators, and condensers. At some point, any heat exchanger will need cleaning as it builds up soft deposits, like soot, and hard deposits, like burns, calcium, and oil. Without proper cleaning, the system or plant will lose its ability to work at full capacity. Thankfully, Jet Blast Inc. offers quality heat exchanger cleaning services!

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Agents

There are different types of heat exchanger cleaning methods regarding the agent used. Namely, these agents include mechanical, chemical, and water. Mechanical heat exchanger cleaning uses a specialized drill to remove deposits. The concern with this method is the higher risk of damaging the heat exchanger. Similarly, using a chemical to remove deposits may leave scarring plus environmental hazards in its wake. Although using a powerful chemical can work, there is a simpler way to clean a heat exchanger.

Why Water Jet Blasting?

Water jet blasting is a highly calculated method using advanced jetting machinery to accomplish industrial cleaning services. With up to 40,000 psi, a water jet machine certainly has a wide range of pressures to work with to remove the hardest deposits without damaging the heat exchanger. Because it is just water, there is no need to worry about harming the environment.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Methods

Particular to cleaning heat exchangers through water jet blasting are three main methods: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. The manual method naturally involves operating a water jet machine and controlling its movement and pressure by hand. 

Meanwhile, a semi-automatic method usually means that a professional is operating a water jet blaster via remote control. It is safer for the operator, as he can perform this high-power work at a distance. An automated heat exchanger cleaning service involves the highest level of robotics.

Jet Blast Offers a Customized Solution

No matter what your heat exchanger cleaning needs are, Jet Blast Inc. has a solution. We don’t use just one method for every job. Instead, we evaluate each project and devise a tailored solution every time. 

Contact Jet Blast Inc. Today!

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