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What Is Pipeline Grout Cleaning?

What Is Pipeline Grout Cleaning?

Cement leaching into the pipes could require pipeline grout cleaning services!

Our sewer and stormwater systems take a lot of contaminants down them every year. Leaves, twigs, trash, and chemicals are just a few types of debris that join their waterways. Over a short time, contaminants like these will cause the sewer or stormwater system to clog and possibly break, and one of the items most likely to do this is cement. If concrete is clogging your main water pipes, Jet Blast Inc. is here with professional pipeline grout cleaning services in Maryland!

Cement in the Pipelines

How does cement get into the pipelines? This phenomenon might seem strange at first. However, it can happen easily in neighborhoods with people cleaning up after a home improvement project, or in a city where much construction work is happening. Where there is cement, there is the possibility that it will leach into the nearest storm or sewer drain. At homes and even businesses, it could be tempting to wash one’s grout-covered hands and tools at the sink instead of outside. The cement must go somewhere, and that will usually require pipeline grout cleaning at some point.

Ways to Remove Grout from Pipes

One can remove grout from the interior of pipes in different ways. One is to use an augur or another plumbing tool that can extend and scrape out the grout. This method will loosen the cement, but it will not remove it from the system. Other ways include using acid or a cement-softening chemical, and with a professional’s care, these tools can be successful. However, acid and chemicals will not directly remove the grout.

Why Water Jet Blasting Is Best

Jet Blast Inc. has the ideal solution for sewer pipe cleaning and decades of experience in the field. High-pressure jet blasting is economical, toxin-free, and 100% effective. With our advanced vacuum trucks, we can both blast through built-up cement without harming the pipes and vacuum the debris and dispose of it properly. Contact us to learn more!

Contact Jet Blast Inc. Today!

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