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Municipal Sewer Cleaning: An Overview

Municipal Sewer Cleaning: An Overview

Municipal sewer cleaning is an important way to keep communities hygienic. Here’s how it works.

Civilization depends on sanitary conditions to maintain health and safety in the community. An everyday part of keeping a hygienic environment is the sewage system. In some locations, the sewer system combines with the stormwater drainage system. In either case, municipal sewer cleaning is a must. Below, you’ll find an overview of municipal sewer cleaning and how Jet Blast Inc. can help you.

The Construction of a Sewer System

A sewer system consists of sewer pipes, manholes, catch basins, drains, etc. The pipes typically run parallel to the street or rows of residential or commercial buildings and sit at an incline in what is called a gravity flow system. Typically, a gravity flow system will engineer wastewater to flow at a velocity of 2 feet per second. Should the velocity decrease, solid material could settle at the bottom, and should it increase, one might expect splashing, acceleration of pipe deterioration, and escaping odors. In a normal setting, all of the wastewater travels to a local treatment and disposal plant.

How Stoppages Occur

As noted earlier, a change in velocity can cause a buildup of solid waste that could cause backups, flooding, and the spread of disease. Another reason a stoppage might occur is a higher wastewater amount than the system can take. Either the system is too small for the area, or the area had a recent population surge. 

Other reasons include any kind of damage to the pipe, such as a tree root, poor pipe installation, or broken joists due to the ground settling or vibrating from traffic. In systems with stormwater drainage, rocks, leaves, and other debris could also fill it up.

The Need for Regular Inspection & Cleaning

Sewer systems are what keep toxic wastewater and excess water runoff off the streets and safely underground on their way to treatment. Like every man-made structure, sewer systems also need regular maintenance, which includes inspection and cleaning. This preventative maintenance ensures that the worst won’t happen, and thankfully, Jet Blast Inc. has a safe and effective way to do it.

Municipal Sewer Cleaning Services

Jet Blast Inc., located in Baltimore, MD, offers municipal sewer cleaning services and storm pipe cleaning as well. Through hydro excavation, Jet Blast breaks through stoppages and simultaneously vacuums the waste into a debris body. Water vacuumed along with the waste can drain back into the sewer. Today’s municipal sewer cleaning methods keep everyone safe.

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