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Stormwater Management in Maryland

Stormwater Management in Maryland

Stormwater management in Maryland involves good planning and maintenance.

Maryland is known for many features, such as blue crabs, black-eyed Susans, and the Chesapeake Bay. Another prominent characteristic of the state is the amount of rainwater it gets yearly. With wet weather, many streams and rivers, and plenty of rainfall through spring and summer, Maryland has countless gallons to manage. Concerning stormwater management in Maryland, Jet Blast Inc. can help you keep the water clean and the environment healthy.

What Is Stormwater Management?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, stormwater management is the practice of reducing water runoff into streets, lawns, parking lots, etc. and improving water quality. Rain and snow should ideally stream into their local drains and reservoirs. The problem arises when heavy rain or snowfall hits their stormwater drainage systems, threatening to flood the streets, damage or clog drain pipes, and upset combined sewer systems

Maryland’s Stormwater Management

The solution is for every state and county to create workable stormwater management programs. Maryland’s stormwater management ultimately leads water runoff back into the Bay, which hosts the state’s drinking water and a thriving ecosystem. 

In 2007, the Stormwater Management Act mandated a series of comprehensive codes to improve grading, sediment control, and stormwater management. In 2009, Maryland changed their codes accordingly to fit with the overall theme: ESD to the MEP. ESD to the MEP stands for Environmental Site Design to the Maximum Extent Practical. Since 2010, all new projects, repairs, and maintenance must follow this aim.

Stormwater Drain Cleaning Services

Part of stormwater management is maintenance. During heavy rains that are normal for Maryland summers, debris such as twigs, leaves, eroded soil, bugs, trash, and more can flow into stormwater drainage systems along with the rain. Debris can build up and eventually clog the drain pipes or the catch basins, which can eventually affect the sewage system. If you notice damaged grates, slow-trickling water, or an increase in pollutants entering the drain, call a professional who can correct the issue and clean out the system. If you need stormwater drain cleaning services, Jet Blast Inc. is ready to help!

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