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Commercial Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Commercial Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Need commercial heat exchanger cleaning? Jet Blast Inc. has got you covered.

Heat exchangers use the laws of thermodynamics to help industrial, commercial, and even residential machinery operate. As the name implies, the heat exchangers transfer energy in the form of heat. If you have a commercial facility and need commercial heat exchanger cleaning, Jet Blast Inc. is at your service!

What Are Heat Exchangers?

All heat exchangers perform the same function, and that is to help a machine operate by moving energy from one internal liquid to a secondary one. When a hot object meets a cold object but does not mix, the heat in the one object transfers to the cold one. Using this law of physics, heat exchangers allow cold fluid to flow through one way and hot fluid to flow through a separate way. The contact between them and the heat transferable medium in which they flow, such as steel and aluminum, allows the liquids to exchange the heat.

The most common type of heat exchanger is the shell and tube heat exchanger. In this model, multiple metal tubes fit within one large tube. The cold fluid passes through the many tubes, while hot fluid passes around the tubes on the shell side and heats up the cold liquid. There are different configurations for this kind. The flow of the two liquids can be cocurrent, countercurrent, crossflow, and cross and counter flow.

Common manifestations of heat exchangers in the commercial world are condensers, boilers, and evaporators. These elements are parts of a commercial HVAC system. No matter what type of commercial heat exchanger you are dealing with, Jet Blast Inc. is available to clean it thoroughly and professionally.

Commercial Heat Exchanger Cleaning

You can leave your commercial heat exchanger cleaning needs to Jet Blast Inc. We use tailored water jet blasting methods to clean the natural deposits that build up in heat exchangers over time. Whether you need a routine heat exchanger cleaning, or you have a blockage on your hands, Jet Blast Inc. is ready 24/7, 365 days a year to clean your problem away.

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