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Common Causes of a Clogged Sewer Line

Common Causes of a Clogged Sewer Line

Help prevent clogged city pipe lines by knowing these common causes!

Sewer lines help civilization function smoothly. Without underground sewer lines, neighborhoods and cities would face possible floods and potential contagions. Sewer pipelines carry wastewater, stormwater, or both to safe disposal or treatment centers. These systems consist of drains, catch basins, manholes, and of course, pipes. Sometimes, a company like Jet Blast Inc. in Maryland needs to enter the scene when the main sewer line goes south. How do sewer lines get clogged, and how can Jet Blast Inc. prevent and assist? Below are the top common causes of a clogged sewer line.

Pouring Oil down the Sink

With enough people pouring enough oil down the sink for a long time, the possibility that the city sewer line can become clogged is higher, and the city or municipality will need to call in a company like Jet Blast Inc. to come to the rescue. One should never pour oil down the kitchen sink, as it will harden in the pipes and slowly clog them up. Instead, one should allow the oil to cool and harden and then dispose of it in the trash can.

Improper Disposal of Large Items

Another habit that can harm sewer lines is the improper disposal of large items in either the sink or the toilet. There are many items to avoid putting down the kitchen drain, even with your handy garbage disposal. These items include cleaning chemicals, bread, grains, and pasta, nuts, bones, shells, coffee grounds, and fibrous materials like potato skins, corn husks, and pumpkins. Likewise, one should never flush paper and plastic products unsuitable for that type of disposal. 

Tree Roots

Clogged sewer lines might have nothing to do with what is put down the drain, but rather be due to a breakage in the system. Tree roots are the most notorious for invading sewer and water lines, eventually causing major backups. Whether your city sewer line has a tree root or a deterioration issue, it can cause major blockages.

Fall Leaves

Combined sewer systems connect sewers for wastewater and stormwater together. In the fall, autumn leaves can be a potential cause of clogged sewers. One way to help prevent them from causing problems is to simply sweep them away from drain openings when raking the leaves. 

The Need for Regular Sewer Line Cleaning

Whether it is an emergency situation or regular sewer line maintenance, a clogged sewer line is a problem no more with Jet Blast Inc.’s water jet blasting technology. We have the equipment and skilled labor to keep the city and municipal sewer lines clean year-round. For more information, contact us today!

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