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Storm Sewer System Maintenance

Storm Sewer System Maintenance

What goes into maintaining our storm sewer systems and who is responsible? Find out here!

A storm sewer system is a network of pipes, drains, basins, and manholes that allow excess water to drain from the environment into a water treatment facility and into a natural reservoir. This type of water includes rainwater, melted snow, and water from the garden hose or sprinkler system. While many accept the storm sewer as a natural part of life, these systems do need maintenance. Below is an overview of storm sewer system maintenance and how Jet Blast Inc. can help you in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware!

Who Is Responsible for Storm Sewer Maintenance?

One should look up who is responsible for storm sewer maintenance in his area. Each area might have a different arrangement concerning who to call when a problem with the storm drainage arises. In Baltimore County, the public storm sewers are the business of County field crews and inspectors.

Storm Sewer System Maintenance

What goes into storm sewer system maintenance? Every county is supposed to follow a set of best management practices (BMPs) to reduce stormwater runoff, improve water quality, and maintain storm sewer drains. Some of these responsibilities translate into the following services:

Street Sweeping

This simple service relieves the county’s storm drains from becoming polluted and clogged by more debris than necessary. Your county likely has a sweeping schedule to remove leaves, dirt, and litter. It may also have a schedule to sweep debris from gutters and curbs.

Stormwater Management Facility Inspection & Maintenance

Baltimore County has over 2,900 stormwater management facilities, many of which are public. County field crews inspect and maintain these facilities according to strict regulations. Public facilities usually serve residential communities, while private ones are typically business-owned.

Storm Drain Cleaning

Cleaning storm drain inlets and pipes are essential for preventing blockages, especially after heavy rain, and also helps reduce the sediment flowing into the Bay. The county will hire a storm drain cleaning crew to suck the debris out through a vactor truck; in Baltimore, this service removes around 1,588 cubic yards of debris every year.

Storm Sewer System Cleaning Near You

Storm drain repair, drain construction, and erosion control are other measures that a county might take to maintain the storm sewer systems and the environment. Jet Blast Inc. is a company in Baltimore, MD, that offers the best of storm sewer system cleaning with patented machinery and methods. Contact us to see why we are fit to serve your county’s stormwater management needs!

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