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Daylighting Services for Underground Utilities

Daylighting Services for Underground Utilities

Expose utilities safely with our expert daylighting services!

Construction work often requires digging, and when digging is needed, Jet Blast Inc. can help! Underground utilities often need uncovering during various construction projects for a wide range of industries. To safely perform this project, your crew will want Jet Blast on board. We have the tools, methods, and professionalism you will want for this precise process, explained in more detail below!

What Is Daylighting?

Daylighting is the process of uncovering underground utilities, thus bringing them into the light of day. Daylighting may be necessary for repairing, replacing, or altering underground utilities such as plumbing, electrical wires, cables, and gas lines. The goal of daylighting services is to uncover them in a way that does not hamper the safety of surrounding traffic and does not damage the underground utilities. 

The Importance of Daylighting Services

Daylighting utilities is crucial in light of the construction work at hand. One must locate the utilities before starting a project that involves digging, as failing to do so can lead to catastrophic accidents such as a gas leak, electrocution, flooding, or an explosion. Landscapers, builders, and many other professionals call utility locating services before starting their work, followed by daylighting services. 

With the knowledge of exactly where in the ground the utilities are, and with a crew that can safely daylight those pipes and cables, construction companies can be ready to design and execute their project. The services can apply to private, commercial, and industrial needs alike. Jet Blast Inc. offers daylighting services for industrial and municipal industries, along with many other applicable jobs.

Daylighting through Hydro Excavation

Jet Blast Inc. uses the method of hydro excavation to perform daylighting services in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Jet Blast uses top-of-the-line technology to break through dirt with the power of water without hurting the utilities and then remove the excess through a hydro vac. This method is clean, efficient, and performed by Jet Blast’s well-trained and experienced team. 

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