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Types of Confined Spaces

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What is a confined space? What types are there? Discover here.

A confined space is any area that has a limited entry point, is not intended for human occupation, and threatens any occupant of entrapment. As you can imagine, a confined space can be a dangerous place to be. However, they are necessary to create the infrastructures that make up our civilization today. What are all these types of confined spaces? Let’s find out.

Examples of Confined Spaces

  • Tanks: Storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes. They can be grease traps in restaurant kitchen floors or silos on a farm. They could be your town’s water tower or the rotating cylinder on a truck carrying concrete. 
  • Manholes: Manholes are deep, narrow shafts designed to let workers access utilities like sewer systems at key points. While they are there to help maintain other systems, they need maintenance sometimes, too.
  • Tunnels: Tunnels are made for humans to pass through, but they are not designed to live in.
  • Sewers: Sewers can be for water or sewage; you can find sewers leading to buildings, the local wastewater treatment plant, or the local river.
  • Pipes: Pipes can carry more than water and wastewater. You can also find them in power plants to transport steam from heat exchangers, among other applications. A culvert, which lets water pass through it, is another type of very large pipe.
  • Pits/Trenches/Excavations: These holes in the ground are temporary and used for construction purposes. However, they carry the risk of collapse.
  • Shafts: Shafts are permanent entry points similar to manholes, but much deeper.

Types of Confined Spaces

  • Permit-Required Confined Spaces: It’s necessary to have a permit to enter this kind of confined space due to the high threat of danger.
  • Alternate Procedure Confined Spaces: You need to follow certain rules to enter this space.
  • Non-Permit-Required Confined Spaces: This kind of confined space poses the least risk.

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