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Why Is Manhole Cleaning Necessary?

Why Is Manhole Cleaning Necessary?

Do manholes need cleaning? Yes! Here’s why.

You might look at manholes and wonder why they in particular need professional cleaning. Is it okay to cut the cost and let them be when you need to hire out a sewer cleaning service? You will not want to cut corners. Even if you are wondering why manhole cleaning is necessary out of sheer curiosity, you will be glad you decided to include this service in your sewer cleaning plan. Here’s what Jet Blast Inc. can do for your Mid-Atlantic sewer system!

Manhole Cleaning Is Necessary Because

Manholes are access points to the sewer system of a municipality or a commercial site. The system might serve a particular city, or it might be for a business with a sewer system large enough to require manholes. They are checkpoints along a sewer system that allow professionals to inspect and clean different sections.

Like any other part of the sewers, manholes get dirty. They have exposure to sewage from below and grime from above. If they do not get cleaned, they are at a higher risk of deteriorating, let alone becoming a threat to sewer cleaning personnel.

How Manhole Cleaning Works

It would be highly inefficient to clean a manhole by hand, and you can’t bring a machine like a hydromower down into that confined space. On top of that, one needs to prepare for the safety needs of putting a man in a confined space. Water jet blasting is the simple and effective way to clean manholes.

Manhole cleaning is typically a part of total sewer system cleaning. The job begins at the top of the pipeline and working their way down, cleaning out each manhole along the way. Naturally, you will get a more thorough cleaning when letting all wastewater flow downstream of cleaned sections.

Water blasting professionals have to practice the most advanced safety precautions for themselves and the project itself. A major concern is blowout, in which water and sewage smells will blast through the pipes too fast because of the cleaning process. 

Ready to Learn More?

Jet Blast Inc. considers all risks and uses the best methods and technology today for sewer cleaning. If you would like to learn more about sewer and manhole cleaning, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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