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Jobs That Need Confined Space Entry Cleaning

Jobs That Need Confined Space Entry Cleaning

Confined space entry cleaning applies to multiple situations: here are a few of them.

Jet Blast Inc. specializes in water jet blasting, the most efficient form of industrial, commercial, and municipal cleaning for many applications. Whether water blasting or vacuuming, Jet Blast has the tools and training to complete the job with the utmost accuracy and completeness. Some of this work would count as confined space entry cleaning, which Jet Blast is also prepared to perform. These jobs below would need confined space entry cleaning.

Defining a Confined Space

Before we begin, it is helpful to know that a confined space, as set by OSHA, is an area with a limited entry and exit point that is not designed for continuous habitation. It may have an atmosphere that could injure or kill the occupant, such as low oxygen, toxic fumes, or flammable substances. Therefore, a confined space could actually be an above-ground room or another space like a tank or trench.

Storm & Sewer Drain Cleaning

Practically all parts of a stormwater or sewage drain system count as confined spaces. Pipes, tanks, culverts, vaults, silos, etc., all have limited accessibility and could result in an injury or fatality without proper safety measures. The typical entry point for these systems might be a manhole, which allows personnel to access pipelines at strategic points.

Freshwater Basin Cleaning

Freshwater basin cleaning is a type of storm drain cleaning; in many cases, it refers to catch basin cleaning, an underground tank located on the sides of streets that catch stormwater runoff. This type of cleaning keeps debris from causing the catch basin to flood and may require a man to enter it to perform more detailed work.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Cleaning

Wastewater treatment plants use a series of processes to take the pure water from the wastewater of a given municipality and empty it back out into the local waterways. They use clarifiers, which allow sedimentation to occur, and digesters, which use bacteria to break down contaminants. These systems and more must be cleaned routinely, and confined space entry is necessary here.

Chlorination of Municipal Water Systems

Chlorination is used in wastewater and freshwater systems alike. For centuries, chlorine tanks have been the affordable and safe way to kill bacteria and viruses in wastewater and fresh bodies of water. Jet Blast has the skills to perform confined space entry cleaning for these applications as well.

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