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Vacuum Truck Services In Pasadena

Jet Blast Vacuum Truck Services

Utilize our vacuum truck services!

Vacuum Truck Services In Pasadena

Our industrial vacuum truck services can clean almost any lot, whether you want a dust-free cleaning or there is a tar spill that needs to be cleaned up. Because of their ability to suck up wet and dry debris, our vacuum trucks are always ready to help. Our approach works exceptionally well in removing sludge and other dense debris, making it significantly less complicated than traditional methods. We can collect all types of liquid waste, including those created in industrial and municipal settings because our fleet has liquid vacuum vehicles. Our Jet Blast trucks remove and dispose of debris in the appropriate containers.

Our Vacuum Truck Services Utilizes Both Cleaning And Vacuuming Techniques

We offer an effective sewage cleaning service that makes use of our technology as well as our ability to suction sticky substances and debris at the same time. Our technique uses a high-pressure hose connected to it to remove any clogs in the sewer pipes and clean the sidewalls of the pipes down to the bare walls. Water can flush the sewer while the hose is drawn back, cleaning it.

Our suction will collect any heavy materials that pass through the utility hole. We jet down the maintenance hole to provide a thorough level of cleansing. These vehicles are less disruptive than other activities since they can be positioned just next to or above a maintenance hole.

Clean Anything With Our Vacuum Trucks

Our heavy-duty industrial vacuums and combo trucks have multi-stage filtering systems for environmentally safe cleanup. Jet Blast’s vacuum truck services can assist you in cleaning and handling the following materials:

  • Resins
  • Rock Wool
  • Sand
  • Sediments
  • Slag
  • Slurries
  • Solvents
  • Tower Packing
  • Tar
  • Water

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Jet Blast® Industrial Services strives every day to provide our customers with the best service and equipment possible. Providing a safe and stable workplace has allowed us to keep a team of quality people with most having a tenure of 15 – 25 years with Jet Blast®. With all that experience under one roof, we have been able to provide reliable 24-hour service since 1979. I believe this helps to set us apart from the competition.

Compare us! Let us make your job easier. If you’re located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Virginia, or Washington, D.C., contact us by email at [email protected], call us at 410-636-0730, or fax us at 410-789-3907, and don’t forget to keep in touch with us on Facebook!

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