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Water Blasting for Paint Removal & More

Water Blasting for Paint Removal & More

Water blasting is a fantastic paint removal method. Here’s why!

Is your commercial or industrial business looking for a company to perform paint removal services? With paint removal and other surface preparation needs, you can find multiple methods. Sand blasting, chemical blasting, dry ice blasting, and dustless blasting are several. What about water blasting? Jet Blast Inc. harnesses the power of water blasting for paint removal and more to provide businesses like yours the clean, pristine surfaces it needs.

What Is Water Blasting?

What exactly is water blasting, anyway? Water blasting is also called water jet blasting, high-pressure cleaning, or hydro jetting. No matter what you call it, it is the application of water at high pressure on a surface to remove paint, dirt, rust, scale, and debris. Professionals use commercial water blasting machines and specialized nozzle attachments to accomplish the job. With a high range of pressure levels to use, the best machinery can easily wipe off the paint.

Why Water Blasting for Paint Removal?

Companies use water blasting for paint removal for numerous reasons, including the following:

Dust and Chemical Fume-Free

Water does away with the downsides of sand and chemical blasting: dust and toxic fumes. These contaminants that come with those cleaning methods pose harm to both workers and the environment; on the other hand, water causes all debris to simply fall to the ground without creating toxic gas or flying debris. 

Minimal Cleanup

Cleanup is a part of the job. In some situations, professionals will deploy a hyrdrovac truck to perform surface preparation while sucking up the wastewater left behind. Otherwise, it is fairly simple and cost-effective to clean up the paint chips after a job while the water evaporates.

Brilliant Work

Pressurized water does a brilliant job removing paint from all kinds of surfaces, such as metal, concrete, asphalt, plastic, and more. Jet Blast Inc. is very familiar with removing paint from ship hulls as well. To see just how effective our water jet blasting services are for paint removal, see our hydromower video!

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