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Where Does Tap Water Come From?

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Where does our tap water come from? Jet Blast’s cleaning service is just one part of the story.

The water that comes to our homes allows us to drink, wash, bathe, and water simply by turning on the faucet. Where does tap water come from? Our municipalities take water from natural resources to supply millions of gallons of water to each home every day through a series of steps. Here’s what happens long before the fresh water reaches the tap.

Ground Water, Rivers, & Reservoirs

Maryland uses multiple means of gathering fresh water for homes and businesses. It all starts with natural resources, those being our rivers, groundwater, and surface water. Different counties take from various rivers, such as the Potomac, Patapsco, and Patuxent. Counties can also take from aquifers, which are underground rocks and sediment saturated with water, plus rain and melted snow that flows into storm drains.

Groundwater, river water, and surface water flow into the nearest reservoir or deep well. Some Maryland counties store water in reservoirs, which are large, man-made lakes. Locals can enjoy the reservoirs via kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing, etc. Water treatment plants take water directly from wells or reservoirs and turn it into drinking water.

Water Treatment Plants

Water treatment plants process fresh water through a series of steps that remove visible and invisible contaminants from the H20. Possible contaminants include viruses, bacteria, radioactive materials, salt, metals, herbicides, and pesticides. 

The general steps of the water treatment plant process include the following:

After the entire process is done, the water is practically free of all contaminants both solid and chemical. Even though a glass of untreated water might look the same as a glass of treated water, the difference is phenomenal. In the wake of the fresh, clean water created is a vat of sludge. Water treatment plants need cleaning, too, and Jet Blast Inc. is here to service them in Maryland. With various technologies, Jet Blast will remove sludge completely and keep water plants operational.

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