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Surface Preparation Applications

Surface Preparation Applications

Jet Blast’s water jet blasting is ideal for multiple surface preparation applications.

Surface preparation is the removal of contaminants or unwanted products on a surface to ready it for new coatings. It can apply to metal, concrete, asphalt, and other commercial, municipal, or industrial surfaces. The first step of surface preparation is removing the old, and water jet blasting is one of the best methods for it. Read more to learn about water blasting and surface preparation applications. Jet Blast Inc. can perform them all in Maryland, PA, DE, Northern VA, and Washington, D.C.!

What Is Surface Preparation?

Surface preparation is the cleaning of metal, concrete, asphalt, etc. to ready it for a new coating. It involves five steps in total:

  1. Removal of Old Coatings 
  2. Removal of Contaminants
  3. Removal of Loose Debris
  4. Evaluate the Surface’s Condition
  5. Allow the Surface to Dry

You could boil these five steps down even further into three: removal of the old, evaluation of the surface, and drying of the surface. After the surface becomes clean, professionals must determine its condition before applying a new coat of paint, etc. Once the surface is clean and dry, the surface is ready for the new.

Why Use Water Blasting for Surface Preparation?

Water blasting is Jet Blast’s specialty. Since 1979, we have performed water jet blasting services for multiple industries in multiple ways. One of these applications is surface preparation. A professional can fine-tune pressurized water to remove hardened materials from concrete, metal, etc., completely without harming the surface. This method is cost-effective and completely effective.

Surface Preparation Applications

Airport Runway Stripes Removal

Airport runways need routine maintenance, including cleaning and occasional stripe removal and replacement. Without proper airport runway striping, travel by plane would be a lot more dangerous. Water jet blasting completely removes old paint and debris for clear, new runway markings.

Highway Stripes Removal

Highways and roads need maintenance just as much as airport runways do. Part of road maintenance is to keep road stripes fresh and bright. New markings will not adhere to the asphalt if the old is not removed, however. Highway stripes removal services are our specialty.

Parking Lot Stripes Removal

Does your restaurant, office, hospital, or other type of parking lot need new stripes and markings? Remove the old with Jet Blast, Inc.! We will minimize parking inconveniences and do the work swiftly and properly.

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