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Water Jet-Blasting Services In Friendship

Jet Blast Water Jet Blasting Services

Make the most of our jet-blasting services.

Water Jet-Blasting Services In Friendship, MD

Jet Blast has been in operation for over 40 years and can satisfy any of your cleaning requirements quickly and affordably. For maximum efficiency, we use high-pressure water and cutting-edge technology in our operations. Do you have any uncommon or challenging cleaning issues that need to be resolved? Because we have fully or partially automated cleaning equipment and procedures adapted to your needs, our personnel can more than address such issues. When it comes to the introduction of breakthrough new technologies, Jet Blast® Industrial Services is at the forefront of its industry.

Jet-Blasting Services For Your Friendship-Based Company

We use high-pressure water at up to 40,000 PSI and up to 300 GPM to clean or remove unwanted fouling deposits. Water jet blasting’s high force and versatility make it an efficient solution for a wide range of cleaning difficulties. Water jet blasting is a technique that can be used safely, even in potentially dangerous environments, and without causing harm to the underlying material.

Water jet blasting will remove even the most stubborn residues from surfaces while safeguarding your equipment and property. In chemical-related situations, jet-blasting is extremely useful. Jet Blast® Industrial Services offers a complete line of water jet blasting equipment that can be tailored to any application and match the appropriate piece of machinery to the appropriate task, resulting in more efficient, safer, and cleaner operations.

Surface Protection Guaranteed With Our Jet Blasting Services

Water jet blasting at pressures ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 psi can produce a “white metal” gloss as an alternative to grit blasting. High-pressure water jet blasting can effectively replace jackhammers and other common demolition equipment for concrete and other hard materials. Using our equipment, such as the Hydro-Mower, we can destroy large areas, scarify the surface, expose the aggregate, and expose the rebar. Please get in touch with us so that we can meet your water jet blasting needs.

Contact Jet Blast Inc. Today!

Jet Blast® Industrial Services strives every day to provide our customers with the best service and equipment possible. Providing a safe and stable workplace has allowed us to keep a team of quality people with most having a tenure of 15 – 25 years with Jet Blast®. With all that experience under one roof, we have been able to provide reliable 24-hour service since 1979. I believe this helps to set us apart from the competition.

Compare us! Let us make your job easier. If you’re located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Virginia, or Washington, D.C., contact us by email at [email protected], call us at 410-636-0730, or fax us at 410-789-3907, and don’t forget to keep in touch with us on Facebook!


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