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Water Jet Concrete Cutting Services

Water Jet Concrete Cutting Services

Water jetting cuts through and clearly away concrete cleanly!

The construction industry often involves noisy jackhammers, deafening demolition tools, and plenty of debris to clean up afterward. That has been the norm for many demolition or construction sites, but today, a new technology is growing in popularity. Water jet concrete cutting is the best way to affordably perform many projects in many industries.

What Is Water Jet Concrete Cutting?

Water jet concrete cutting is the removal of concrete through a high pressure water jet. Water jetting is highly advantageous for multiple purposes, including industrial cleaning and municipal construction. Jet Blast Inc. uses an elite line of high pressure water jet machines that can have pressure up to 40,000 PSI. 10,000 PSI is enough to cleanly cut through a concrete block, so higher pressures can do even more, all benefits included.

Water Jet Concrete Cutting Applications

Water jet cutting has a myriad of creative applications, including the sanitary and clean cutting of food, exotic metals, glass, stone, and rubber. It also has multiple uses concerning concrete. In short, it’s a fantastic method for removing concrete entirely from a surface, removing a concrete coating, or leveling a concrete surface. Should you need to remove hardened concrete from metal equipment, scarify, expose aggregate, or expose rebar, water jetting is a viable and competitive option.

Benefits of Using High Pressure Water Jets

What makes high pressure water jetting such a great option? With this technology, you can do away with noisy jackhammers, grit blasting, and debris cleanup. Water jetting is precise, clean, and produces no extra dust or debris to clean up. With power up to 40,000 PSI, you know you won’t have to worry about traces of concrete left behind. Meanwhile, you can safely expose aggregate and rebar without risk of damage. Plus, the process can be automated for an even easier job, and the entire project is relatively quick compared to other methods. If you are still unsure whether water jet concrete cutting is the best service for your construction needs, contact the water jetting experts at Jet Blast Inc.!

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