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What Is Rotating Precision Cleaning?

What Is Rotating Precision Cleaning?

Rotating precision cleaning is one technology we use to remove the toughest industrial grimes!

Rotating precision cleaning is an industrial process that can remove particles down to the micron. The cleaning technology today allows companies like us at Jet Blast Inc. to completely remove the toughest films and dirt from tanks, reactors, preheaters, pipes, and much more. The technology of rotating precision cleaning, in particular, is a tried and true method for removing industrial-level grime. Below, you can learn more about this unique cleaning process.

What Is Precision Cleaning?

Precision cleaning is different from regular cleaning. It is actually a specific term referring to cleaning down to the micron level. A micron is smaller than what the natural human eye can see; in fact, 25,400 microns can fit into one inch. Water jet blasting with specially designed machines allows precision cleaning to be successful.

What Is Rotating Precision Cleaning?

Rotating precision cleaning, or revolving precision cleaning, is the cleaning of objects with a 3D nozzle cleaning tool. This tool extends into horizontal or vertical structures, such as tanks, and rotates while its water jets spin. The machine can be adjusted for different cleaning cycles and functions, including a drying process. Rotating precision cleaning can be semi-automatic or fully automatic.

The Benefits of Rotating Precision Cleaning

Rotating and revolving precision cleaning allows the cleaning of tanks and other structures without having to put a man inside the enclosed space. That is an enormous safety benefit. The rotating 3D nozzle also has the advantage of flexibility, able to clean horizontally or vertically, with adjustable speeds, and adjustable cycles. A professional can also set the water pressure to a highly specific yet powerful level, allowing the water to blast off dirt without harming the surface.

The Applications of Rotating Precision Cleaning

Jet Blast Inc. serves many industries with routine and emergency water jet cleaning services. Any industrial or municipal enterprise with tanks, pipes, etc. that need water jet blasting can benefit from our professional cleaning tools and methods.

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