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What Is Slag and What Is It Good For?

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Slag is more than just a by-product. Here’s more about this metallurgical material.

Jet Blast Inc. has a robust fleet of machines to help factories, municipalities, power plants, and ships keep clean. With the power of water blasting, Jet Blast can remove the toughest grimes from industrial equipment and city utility systems. One of the many types of waste that we remove from industrial equipment is slag. What is slag, and what is it good for? Learn all about this recyclable material and how Jet Blast can help you!

What Is Slag?

Slag is a byproduct of the metallurgical smelting process. It can be ferrous (from steel or iron) or non-ferrous (copper, zinc, phosphorus, or nickel.) In metallurgy, slag creates chemical reactions to help remove impurities and control the removal of impurities in metals. For this reason, a more technical term for slag would be metallurgical slag. In itself, slag is primarily lime and silica, but has other materials like phosphorus, alumina, magnesium, etc.

What Is It Good For?

Slag is already useful for its primary purposes in metallurgy, but afterward, it still has much life in it. When you remove slag from industrial equipment, you do not have to send it to the landfill. Metallurgical slag can become a new product in the following ways:

  • Aggregate for multiple layers and applications of asphalt pavement
  • Aggregate in concrete structures like bridges and masonry
  • Insulation for ships, homes, commercial buildings, pipes, and cooking appliances
  • Fertilizer in agriculture
  • Aggregate for reinforced walls and erosion control

Slag Removal Service

As with all machines, metallurgy equipment will lose their productivity the more waste builds up on them. Hardened slag remains after the process and will eventually build up. Workers might use industrial hammers and grinders to remove it, but these methods could damage the machine, injure workers, and leave some slag remaining. 

Jet Blast Inc.’s water jet blasting and vacuuming machines have the capacity to completely clean equipment surfaces and vacuum up solid and liquid waste. If you need a quality way to conduct slag removal, contact Jet Blast Inc.!

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