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Why Do Ship Hulls Need Cleaning?

Ship Hull

Ships need cleaning too; here’s just how important it is.

Ships of all sizes need maintenance, and one of the most fundamental types of ship maintenance is cleaning. Why would ship hulls need cleaning, you might ask? They sit in water almost 100% of the time, so wouldn’t they always be washed well? Over time, ship hulls get dirty, too. A dirty ship hull can make more of a difference than you realize, but Jet Blast Inc. is here to help! Let us clean your ship hulls and rid them of the contaminants and their impact.

Why Do Ship Hulls Need Cleaning?

Common Contaminants on Ship Hulls

Natural waterways contain bacteria, and these microorganisms stick to the ship hull underwater and eventually build up into a plaque. This plaque can do more damage than one might realize, as you will see below. Other types of contaminants would include seaweed, barnacles, and corrosion.

Contaminants Weigh Ships Down

This marine plaque, along with waterlogged seaweed and other organisms, can weigh a ship down considerably. This extra weight will make it a lot harder for your ship to function as it would normally, costing you time and money.

Contaminants Increase Energy Use

When your ship is weighed down by this inconspicuous bacteria film, your ship will have to use more energy to keep it going at its regular power. Your ship’s mechanics will have to work harder, producing more heat and experiencing more resistance. The ship will wear out faster, meaning it will need repairs sooner and its lifespan will be shorter.

Contaminants Decrease Ship Speed

The extra weight will also slow your ship down. It will take more time for you to get from point A to point B, which is a significant inefficiency for commercial purposes. A decrease in regular speed could cause business to decrease and lose you money in this way as well.

Ship Hulls Need Cleaning; Let Jet Blast Help!

Ship hulls need cleaning to keep them in peak condition. Jet Blast Inc. uses water jet blasting to make ships clean and good as new in Maryland. Contact us for more information on how we do it, and see our ship paint removal and ship tank cleaning services here.

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