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Alternatives to Confined Space Entry

Alternatives to Confined Space Entry

Jet Blast provides alternative methods for confined space cleaning: here are the options.

A confined space is an interior not designed for human confinement and poses a danger to life in some way. Many industrial, municipal, and commercial machines have confined spaces that need cleaning and other kinds of maintenance. These spaces include tanks, vessels, pits, silos, vaults, etc. Confined space entry is a necessary means of cleaning this equipment, but in some cases, you can find alternatives to confined space entry.

Reasons for Confined Space Entry

Confined space entry is the safe entry of a trained professional to clean, maintain, or repair a confined space. It requires other people outside of the equipment to monitor and ensure that the procedure goes safely. The reasons for confined space entry include the following:

  • Cleaning: Cleaning solid or liquid substances from equipment interiors help to keep the equipment functioning at full capacity.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance such as air filter change-outs are necessary from time to time, and repairs may also be required. A man may need to enter to perform these specific tasks.
  • Removal: Spills or foreign objects that enter a machine’s interior can require a person to enter.

The Hazards of Confined Space Entry

There are many hazards of confined space entry, and a careless entry procedure can result in fatality. Some of the hazards that could be involved would be:

  • Chemical hazards: Chemicals in liquid or gas form could be toxic to the entrant. Inversely, the gaseous makeup of the confined space could have insufficient oxygen for human life. 
  • Entrapments: The design of the confined space could pose the danger of entrapment, engulfment, and entanglement.
  • Temperature hazards: Extreme cold or heat could also be an issue.

Alternatives to Confined Space Entry

Vacuum Truck Cleaning

The removal of contaminants is a part of confined space cleaning, and this procedure could involve removing wet or dry debris, or possibly both. The latest vacuum trucks and hydro-vacuum trucks are powerful enough to remove and safely contain debris like concrete, ash, sludge, spills, and more.

Water Jet Cleaning

Abrasive sand blasting and chemical cleaning are two options for pressure cleaning machinery, but water jet blasting has its unique advantages. It will not harm the machinery’s surface, it doesn’t leave toxic fumes, and it completely removes filth. Jet Blast Inc. uses no-entry cleaning machinery when possible to minimize time and hazards in confined space cleaning.

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