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Cement Clinker Deposits Cleaning

Cement Clinker Deposits Cleaning

Jet Blast keeps cement plants going with clinker deposit removal services.

Cement production involves a multi-step process that starts with the mining of raw materials and eventually comes to the production of a substance called clinker. At the cement plant, various machinery and varying temperatures are what turn raw materials into cement clinker. Over time, cement plants need routine maintenance to keep them running at top performance. That’s where Jet Blast Inc. comes in; let us help you with professional cement clinker deposits cleaning in MD, PA, DE, D.C., and Northern VA.

What Is Cement Clinker?

Cement clinker is the result of heating and rapidly cooling the raw materials that make cement. The raw materials include numerous minerals, including limestone and clay. When put through high heat and immediately cooled, the mixture turns into gray nodules consisting of some composition of alite, belite, aluminate, and ferrite. Depending on the process, plants can produce different types of clinker: sulfate resistant, white, low heat, low alkali, belite calciumsulfoaluminate ternesite (BCT.) After cement clinker production, the plant grinds the clinker into a powder, mixes it with gypsum, and adds water and aggregates to it to produce concrete.

Rotary Kilns & Clinker Coolers

The raw materials that make cement go through a rotary kiln and a clinker cooler to undergo the heating and cooling process that creates clinker. The rotary kiln is one of the most important parts of the industrial plant, firing raw materials up to thousands of degrees with the burner pipe at one end. The clinker cooler helps to transport clinker from the kiln while blowing cold air onto the material to bring its temperature down rapidly. This rapid cooling helps the clinker become easier to grind.

Cement Clinker Deposits Cleaning

The rotary kiln and clinker cooler are both powerful machines, but they are susceptible to wear and tear as well. The rotary kiln alone can suffer from deteriorated interior walls, a misaligned drum, and worn out breaching seals. Cleaning is an essential part of cement plant maintenance, and Jet Blast Inc. offers simple and effective water jet blasting technology to perform cement clinker deposits cleaning. Clinker leaves deposits within the kilns and coolers, inhibiting their performance. Jet Blast will remove those hardened deposits without damaging the machine’s surfaces.

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