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How to Prepare for Water Jet Blasting

How to Prepare for Water Jet Blasting

Customers can help out with the water blasting process in these ways.

Water jet blasting is one of the most effective industrial cleaning methods in the world. However, it is a risky business and requires specialized training to carry out. Water jet blasting as a cleaning method has many applications, such as industrial equipment, ship hulls, swimming pools, car wash tanks, and storm drains. You can imagine it takes some thought into performing each cleaning job. Let’s learn the steps to prepare for water jet blasting below!

Steps to Prepare for Water Jet Blasting

Assess the Jobsite

The first step is to evaluate the jobsite. The water blasting professional must see how big and complex the project is. He will consider what kind of surface needs cleaning, its shape, its size, and what kind of contaminants are covering it. The waste removed could be anything from a chemical film to rock-hard tar to fly ash to sludge.

Once the professional has assessed the situation, he can amass the cleaning equipment necessary, such as the type of water blasting machinery, the water blasting nozzle, the level of automation, etc.

Keep Safety in Mind

Aside from the cleaning equipment, those conducting the project also need to have their own personal equipment: PPE (personal protection equipment.) They need to suit up with full-body garb, headgear, footwear, etc., to avoid injuries. Along with that is the right training on how to operate high-pressure water blasting machinery. Jet Blast Inc. partakes in ongoing education.

Have a Disposal Plan

All of that wastewater must go somewhere. Once the water breaks up the grime, the operator will need to have a disposal plan. One popular method is with hydrovac trucks. As the machine blasts the water, a vacuum sucks up the wastewater. It may contain it for proper disposal, or filter it and empty it back into a drainage system. Jet Blast knows exactly which containment and disposal method to use per project.

Prepare the Site

Finally, it’s time to ready the jobsite. The team will need to remove or protect any obstacles first. It may also announce the project and put up signs to warn those in the area. 

Test and Adjust

Lastly, the team or trained individual may start the job off by testing one area first, making any adjustments if necessary. Then, it is full blast ahead!

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