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Preventing Water Blasting Injuries

man dangling above confined space

Trust Jet Blast Inc. to prepare safety measures for every job!

Water blasting is a service with multiple applications, one of them being cleaning industrial machinery, storm drains, ships, tanks, and more. Although you might imagine water blasting to be similar to pressure washing, it is much more powerful and much more hazardous. Jet Blast Inc. keeps all worksites safe, preventing water blasting injuries with these methods. 

Elements of Preventing Water Blasting Injuries

Job Hazard Analysis

Part of any water blasting job is the initial assessment. It’s necessary to analyze the site carefully to know exactly what equipment, cleaning procedure, and preparations are needed. It includes how the crew protects themselves as well. A job hazard analysis (JHA) addresses all present and potential hazards to the crew, helping them prepare.

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is all workwear designed to protect the worker from hazards on the job. It includes everything from work boots to protective clothing to hard hats and eye protection. You can count on Jet Blast Inc. to supply all employees with the workwear they need.

Protection from Noise

One of the PPE that one might not consider at first is hearing protection. Water blasting can be well above 85 dBA, the maximum decibel level that will not damage our hearing in a short period. Constant, moderate noise levels can wear our ears out over time, so you can imagine what much louder constant sounds might achieve. Hearing protection is a must!

Protection from Extreme Heat and Cold

Another aspect that might be surprising is protection from extreme heat and cold. Radiant heat or cold temperatures can directly affect our health for the worse. Dangers include dehydration, hypothermia, heat stroke, and thermal shock. 

Confined Space Entry Protocols

Employees must have training in confined space entry. When a man must go in and the operation cannot be automated, he and the team must know their duties to keep safe. Confined spaces contain the threats of engulfment, asphyxiation, drowning, and more, so maintaining strict safety routines is key.

Water Blasting Operation Safety

Likewise, employees must have training for operating water blasting equipment. With the great power of a water blasting machine comes the responsibility of knowing how to wield it without harming anyone.

Lockout Tagout

Lockout tagout (LOTO) is a procedure in which all equipment is completely turned off and prevented from turning on again during maintenance or repairs. It is like making sure the oven is off before you clean it, but on a far larger scale. If machinery accidentally turns on, it can release energy that can injure and kill maintenance workers.

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