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Prepare Storm Drains for Spring Rains!

Stormwater Systems and Sewers: The Difference

Jet Blast keeps storm drains clear for spring and summer rains!

Spring is on its way, and that means plenty of spring showers! After that comes the season of summer thunderstorms, which can include torrential downpours. With all this rain coming through Maryland in its season, communities need structures allowing stormwater runoff to take the shortest route back into natural waterways, away from roads, lawns, and buildings. See how Jet Blast can prepare storm drains for spring rains!

The Danger of Spring and Summer Storms

Spring and summer storms can cause major flooding due to geographical features and insufficient storm drain systems. Even when storm drains are sufficient, they can still overflow. When massive storms hit creeks and streams, a gentle trickle can become a powerful flash flood. One should prepare for and avoid floods at all costs; never wade or drive into moving floodwaters.

You want to steer clear of stagnant floodwater as well, since it carries more pollutants than you might think. It carries chemicals, dirt, and disease; don’t think of jumping in for a swim!

The Role of Stormwater Management Systems

Stormwater management systems do a great job of preventing floods in almost all cases. Storm drains filter stormwater and channel it back toward the nearest natural water source. Culverts help keep stormwater flowing under roads, while retention and detention ponds collect and drain rainwater naturally. There are multiple kinds of stormwater management systems, like gravel wetlands and bioswales. 

Typical storm drains, however, are practical for keeping developed areas like neighborhoods and shopping centers flood-free. Water flows off roads, parking lots, and lawns toward the nearest drain, and this drain carries the water at a calculated velocity toward its final destination.

Keep Streets and Storm Drains Clean!

Storm drains can only do their job properly if they are completely clear and in good condition inside. Over time, dirt, sand, plants, and trash can accumulate inside the pipelines, slowly drainage and causing flooding. Just like when your bathroom sink has a pool of water in it when the faucet runs because the drain is clogged, so a street will have a growing puddle if the storm drains aren’t clear. Jet Blast Inc. has the equipment to keep storm drains clear well before spring showers arrive!

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