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Professional Cleaning of Ship Tanks

Professional Cleaning of Ship Tanks

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Ships are a large part of Maryland’s industry, bringing in and sending out containers and cargo on a daily basis every year. Ships of all sizes have fuel tanks that require routine and regular maintenance, namely ship tank cleaning. This all-important task requires professional service. Jet Blast Inc. provides the cleaning of ship tanks that you need to keep the ship running smoothly and safely.

Importance of Ship Tank Cleaning

Over a short time, the fuel in a ship’s fuel tank can become lined with sludge and film. The impurities of the oil will settle at the bottom of the tank or stick to the sides and create a semi-solid substance. This build-up reduces the tank’s capacity and thus the ship’s ability to travel through the channels and seas. Without the full functionality of the fuel tank, the ship’s lifespan can decrease. 

Hire the Pros

That’s why it’s essential to have regular ship tank cleaning services. However, it is even more important to hire the professional cleaning of ship tanks. This task is highly hazardous and requires the utmost training and expertise to perform safely. Plus, you can save time and resources by outsourcing your ship tank cleaning rather than having staff to do it. 

Safety Essential

That’s where Jet Blast Inc. comes in. We perform the cleaning of ship tanks according to standard, safe procedures to ensure the thoroughness of the job and the safety of the workers. One careless act, such as not measuring the oxygen level within the tank, can result in fatalities. That’s why only trained and experienced professionals like Jet Blast Inc. should be left to perform routine confined space cleaning such as ship tank cleaning.

No-Entry Option

Jet Blast Inc. only puts a man in a confined space zone when other options are not ideal. However, we can perform no-entry confined space cleaning using specialized, automated or remote-controlled machinery that can blast away the hardest grimes without damaging the tank’s interior surface. We use water jet blasting to perform our industrial cleaning services.

More Ship Cleaning Services

In addition to the cleaning of ship tanks, Jet Blast Inc. also cleans the hulls, the hallways, boilers, and more on a ship. We can perform a thorough cleaning of your entire ship; we also perform ship paint removal services.

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