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Ship Hull Cleaning Services in Maryland

Ship Hull Cleaning Services in Maryland

Jet Blast keeps your ship running with water blasting cleaning services.

Maryland is home to a robust shipping economy and sailing community. In Baltimore, the Port of Baltimore has lasted centuries and grown dramatically to become one of the country’s largest ports. Meanwhile, the state capital of Annapolis is the “Sailing Capital” of the country. Maryland is no stranger to boats. Unfortunately, grime is no stranger to ship hulls. Jet Blast Inc. helps keep boats clean and running smoothly with our ship hull cleaning services in Maryland.

What Is Biofouling?

Biofouling is a common term among boaters. It refers to the buildup of algae, barnacles, microorganisms, and other debris on a boat or ship hull. The hull is the watertight body of the ship. Even if the ship looks sleek and beautiful from afar, it could be an entirely different story below water. Biofouling can cause multiple problems, which is why ship hull cleaning is so important.

Importance of Ship Hull Cleaning

Whenever a machine of any kind, even a ship, gets covered in gunk, its performance will suffer and its lifespan will be cut short. 

One way that regular ship hull cleaning saves your vessel is that it allows it to use less fuel and produce less heat. When biological debris clings to the hull, it can also stop up engine pipes, which leads to overheating. The debris also adds weight to the ship overall, which makes the engine work harder to move the boat and causes it to use up fuel faster.

A dirty ship hull can result in a slower, more cumbersome sailing experience, even causing increased vibration when driving. With routine cleaning, your ship can sail swifty through the seas unhindered by seemingly inconsequential biofouling. 

When the boat is clean more often, it will also be easier to catch small problems before they become costly and dangerous. You will also have to pay less for repainting your ship against barnacles, algae, etc. 

Ship Hull Cleaning in Maryland

Jet Blast Inc. has the experience and skills you want for ship hull cleaning services in Maryland. We use various water jet blasting technologies to clean the ship hull above and underwater without damaging the paint. We also provide ship tank cleaning and ship paint removal services.

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