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Professional Grease Trap Cleaning

Professional Grease Trap Cleaning

Let Jet Blast Inc. take care of your grease trap cleaning with our professional vacuum services!

Grease trap cleaning is a notoriously nasty but necessary part of owning a restaurant or foodservice store. Commercial kitchen sinks and drains take in all kinds of waste materials, including the three big ones: fat, oil, and grease, also known as FOG. Restaurants stop FOG from entering the main sewer line with grease traps, but these contraptions need regular cleaning. Leave it to Jet Blast Inc. to perform professional grease trap cleaning for you!

The Importance of the Grease Trap

Fat, oil, and grease going down the drain is the leading cause of sewer backups in America. These slimy waste products can harden within drain pipes, eventually clogging the arteries of the main sewer line. It is already a problem with residential pipes, but when it becomes an emergency within the main line, the establishment responsible may have to pay fines. 

How Grease Traps Work

The grease trap has been around since at least the late 1800s, during the Victorian period. It is an above or underground tank with a baffle that partitions the inlet valve from the outlet valve. Solids settle at the bottom, and fats eventually float to the top. Thus, the tank prevents much fat, oil, and grease from flowing into the sewer system.

When You Need Professional Grease Trap Cleaning

Eventually, the waste collected in the trap needs removing. Some grease traps may be very small, in which case it is possible for a trained restaurant staff member to clean them. On the other hand, if it requires a specialized vacuum to remove the debris, it is more cost-effective to hire a professional with the equipment, expertise, and time to clean it for you. 

How Often You Need Grease Trap Cleaning

Some municipalities may require food service establishments to clean their grease traps monthly, but it is best to renew them depending on the size of the trap and the frequency of waste intake. Another indicator you need professional cleaning now is when you notice gurgling noises, foul smells, and greasy floors around the drains.

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