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The Dangers of Algae Blooms

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Maryland can avoid algae blooms with Jet Blast cleaning.

Our waterways, drinking water, and water systems are all related. Through large-scale engineering and a myriad of components, Maryland cities and counties manage tap water quality to keep it free of toxins. One of the toxins that municipalities are wary of is cyanobacteria. Below, you will discover the dangers of algae blooms and how Jet Blast Inc. comes to the rescue.

What Are Algae Blooms?

Algae blooms are excessive growth forms of cyanobacteria, which is blue-green algae with toxic properties. Another name for this growth is an HAB, a “Harmful Algal Bloom.” These photosynthetic microorganisms usually grow in freshwater bodies of water; in Maryland, you can see HAB maps where they can occur along the Chesapeake Bay.

What Causes Algae Blooms?

A number of factors can work together to cause cyanobacteria to explode to toxic proportions. Some causes are environmental and some could be from waste. For example, much sunlight, nitrogen, phosphorus, and warm, still water are elements that create a suitable environment for bacteria and microorganisms to multiply rapidly. Other nutrients and elements that contribute to HABs include fertilizer, sewage, and sediments.

Are Algae Blooms Dangerous?

One should never underestimate the dangers of algae blooms. Even breathing in moist air containing cyanobacteria can cause severe illnesses. Direct contact and ingestion are the most harmful forms of contact with such algae. 

The types of illnesses that could result are rashes, cognitive damage, respiratory damage, digestive damage, kidney damage, and nervous system injury. If toxic chemicals from algae infiltrate tap water, locals cannot use the water to bathe, drink, or cook.

HABs can also disrupt water treatment plant operations by creating more disinfection byproducts than usual, which could alter the taste of drinking water and possibly harm health. 

How to Prevent Algae Blooms

There are already systems set up to monitor algae blooms, but the most active way to prevent these growths is to maintain local water systems, including storm drains, water treatment plants, reservoirs, etc. Jet Blast Inc. performs cleaning services for all these and more.

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