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Municipal Catch Basin Cleaning

Municipal Catch Basin Cleaning

Learn more about our municipal catch basin cleaning services!

Catch basin cleaning is necessary maintenance to keep stormwater management systems running and to prevent flooding. Catch basins are underground sumps connected to an underground stormwater drainage system, which takes excess stormwater from the streets and parking lots to the nearest reservoir or natural body of water. Jet Blast Inc. provides municipal catch basin cleaning to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.; we look forward to meeting your municipalities’ stormwater management needs.

Municipalities & Catch Basin Cleaning

In Maryland, each county’s Bureau of Highways manages its region’s stormwater management systems, roads, roadside trees, and sidewalks. Each county aims to create safe roadways and communities and healthy waterways. Different projects, such as routine maintenance and sudden repairs, are yearly tasks that each county and city performs. Jet Blast Inc. is a company that carries out catch basin cleaning and other stormwater management system cleaning services for each city and county.

Catch Basin Cleaning Best Practices

Catch basins receive natural and manmade debris from the pavement into the sump along with stormwater runoff. A pipe in the middle level of the basin allows stormwater to drain out with the least amount of debris flowing out with it. Leaves, litter, etc., will either sink to the bottom or float; municipalities need to clean out the remaining debris at least once a year. 

Meanwhile, residents can also help with the process by keeping the streets litter-free. The fewer chemicals and trash on the streets, the cleaner the natural waterways will be. Moreover, the chance of flooding decreases.

Jet Blast’s Municipal Catch Basin Cleaning Service

Another highly important best practice for catch basin cleaning is to use a company with the best cleaning methods and equipment. Jet Blast Inc. uses the most advanced water jet/vac combo trucks to remove dirt and debris from catch basins. Like a dentist’s cleaning, the water jet/vac truck cleans the sump with pressurized water and sucks up the water and debris with a vacuum. Our municipal catch basin cleaning includes inspections and routine and emergency services.

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