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Benefits of Chlorinating Water Systems

Benefits of Chlorinating Water Systems

The chlorination of water systems has benefitted countries for centuries.

The chlorination of water systems is the most effective way known to man to keep drinking water safe all around the world. Industrial and municipal companies such as Jet Blast Inc. are the experts in dealing with chlorine and using it to care for our communities’ water systems, including main water pipelines. What are the benefits of chlorinating water systems? Find out below!

Kills Most Germs

Chlorine is able to kill the most germs in the water. Plus, a limited amount of chlorine in the water does not harm human health. Chlorine not only destroys the most amount of waterborne pathogens, but it also eliminates foul odors and flavors in the water and stunts mold and algae growth. The only chemicals that rival chlorine are Cryptosporidium and Mycobacteria. 

Proven Health Results

A high concentration of chlorine does not do a human being much good, but it is the safest and most potent chemical for eliminating waterborne illnesses in communities. Since its discovery in 1744, more and more countries began eliminating plagues from their lands with the power of chlorinated water. 

Ease of Use

Using chlorine to disinfect new and newly-repaired water systems is also easy and cost-effective. One might use either a chlorine solution or chlorine gas to disinfect the pipes. The water must flow at optimum pressure for the treatment to work, so it is important to make sure the system is in good condition before cleaning. The highly-chlorinated water must be in the system for a certain amount of time for the solution to kill the most pathogens. After the time has passed, one will then dechlorinate the water pipelines and set it back to normal chlorine levels. All in all, chlorine is easy for professionals to use in the disinfection process.

Jet Blast Offers Chlorination of Water Systems

Jet Blast Inc. is happy to be of service for all your water system cleaning needs. We provide the chlorination of water systems, as well as storm drain cleaning, water treatment plant cleaning, and daylighting services. 

Contact Jet Blast Inc. Today!

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