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Water Blasting Benefits You Might Not Know

chlorination and disinfection treatment

Did you know these facts about water jet blasting?

Pressure washing is popular for cleaning houses, fences, and patios, but industrial water blasting is a different story. Water jet blasting is applicable to power plants, ships, businesses, construction sites, and municipal water and sewer systems, all of which Jet Blast Inc. in Maryland services. Why water jet blasting? These points below are some water blasting benefits that you might not know!

Water Blasting Creates Better Cohesion

Water blasting is a tool for cleaning industrial and commercial surfaces, so naturally, one of its benefits is that it does its job well. However, there’s more to it. Water blasting removes crystallized salt when it cleans or removes surfaces, making it easier for new materials to bond with the prepared surface.

Water Blasting Is Popular for Dusty Worksites

Water traps and weighs down fine dust particles. For that reason, water blasting is a popular cleaning and surface preparation method for dusty areas like construction sites. It is a no-brainer if you have a dusty project site and you want to reduce the amount of particles flying.

Water Blasting Reaches More Areas

If you need cleaning for confined spaces, water blasting could be the only solution. Abrasive blasting methods cannot reach all places, but water blasting can adjust to a much wider array of spaces, even if they are tight.

Water Blasting Is Non-Toxic

Along with how water blasting reduces dust, it takes away the toxins that could infiltrate workers’ lungs. Abrasive blasting paired with dusty project sites can prove poisonous, but water blasting is much safer.

Water Blasting Is Gentler

Water jet blasting can be powerful, and safety is the priority for water blasting operators. Even so, its power can still preserve a structure’s integrity better than abrasive blasting might. It will treat the surface without shaking the entire structure and wearing it out.

Water Blasting Has Lower Operational Costs

Industrial water blasting equipment is more expensive than other types, but the operational costs are much lower. How much might you save? Contact Jet Blast Inc. to see what your project might cost.

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