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Who Maintains Storm Drains?


Who’s responsible for maintaining Maryland’s storm drains? We answer that here.

Storm drains, catch basins, and culverts are all part of the giant web of devices that make up a stormwater management system. They take rain and snow down to the nearest local body of water, of which Maryland has plenty. The question is, “Who maintains storm drains?” It all comes down to who owns the land it’s on.

Who Maintains Storm Drains?

The County

The county is the owner of public stormwater management systems. Public storm drains, culverts, etc., along public roads and even neighborhood streets will be under the county’s management if the land belongs to the county. It includes anything from small culverts in county-owned parks to storm drain inlets along a busy public road.


Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are often responsible for managing the storm drains in a neighborhood. Not all neighborhoods have HOAs, however, in which case the streets’ drains could be owned by the county or possibly another type of neighborhood governing body. Some people might not like HOAs because of rules regarding residential properties, but they do take care of the community’s shared needs.

The Business Owner

If you own commercial land and it includes a storm drain, then you are responsible for keeping it clean and in good condition. If any kind of stormwater management system is on your property, like storm drain pipes, retention ponds, or dams, it is under your care.

The Residential Property Owner

If a small creek runs through your property and it includes a culvert bridge, dam, or another stormwater management system, then it falls under your care. As long as it is on your property, it belongs to you. You will also need to take care of utilities like sewer lines that are on your property, even though they connect to city sewer lines.

Tips for Storm Drain Maintenance

Storm drain maintenance mainly involves inspecting and cleaning. It’s recommended to clean out storm drains once a year. Your storm drains will be free of debris and ready to handle the next year’s storms. If you need a company to perform it for you in Maryland, call Jet Blast Inc.!

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