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Is Water Blasting Environmentally Friendly?

chlorination and disinfection treatment

Is water blasting safe for the environment? Find out here!

Water blasting is a form of industrial cleaning for power plants, storm drains, tanks, and many other commercial structures. Alternatives include chemical cleaning, sand blasting, and dry ice blasting. One of the biggest concerns for such a large-scale cleaning process is whether or not water blasting is environmentally friendly. You can actually find multiple reasons why it is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for your business or county.

Water Blasting Is Dust-Free

Water blasting is virtually dust-free. You don’t have to risk the hazard of millions of harmful particles floating through the air for miles that people and animals end up inhaling. You don’t even have to risk on-site workers or locals getting respiratory illnesses from dust particles. Water blasting takes dust down and doesn’t let a mite get away.

Water Blasting Is Clean

Water blasting does not use any chemicals in it. It is as clean and unadulterated as water can be. A water blasting company may use either cold or hot water for a better cleaning effect, and sometimes water blasting uses abrasives like sand in surface preparation, which would be called wet sandblasting. Traditional water blasting cleaning does not need anything other than H2O, though, which does not harm the environment when wielded wisely.

Wastewater Is Safely Removed

Wastewater from water blasting contains plenty of debris. It can contain hazardous chemicals, dust, ash, tar, paint, and plain old dirt. Water blasting professionals don’t just leave the water to flow all over the ground and drain out wherever it may (usually the natural surroundings.) Vacuum trucks remove and contain wastewater. This water can even have a new lease on life by going through the hydrovac truck’s filtration system and draining into the storm drains directly. As for hazardous wastewater, sludge, and other debris, the company will follow all protocols to dispose of them safely.

Water Blasting Keeps Systems Working

Without water jet blasting services as Jet Blast Inc. provides, major structures like power plants, ships, storm drains, and commercial tanks would deteriorate, become blocked up and weighed down, and cause catastrophes. This cleaning service does a lot to help preserve the local environment!

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