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Where Does Stormwater Runoff Go?

Where Does Stormwater Runoff Go?

Where exactly does rainwater go when it goes down the drain?

You might be asking this question during a sleepy, rainy day or during the height of summer on a beautiful, cloudless day. When it rains, sleets, hails, or snows, the water that enters the storm drains begins a journey, its destination and life cycle few know. Where does stormwater runoff go? Jet Blast Inc. can show you!

Where Does Stormwater Runoff Go?

Stormwater runoff is any water that falls from the sky and makes its way to the nearest drainage point. Much of this precipitation seeps into the ground, where it feeds lawns, trees, and other forms of nature. Even if it hits the ground, some of the water may run off the land. From there, it must either reach a body of water or a drainage system. What about the rain that falls on hard surfaces like cars, parking lots, and roads? Much of it trickles off toward the nearest stormwater management system.

A stormwater management system is an underground pipe network that takes stormwater runoff into the nearest stream or another natural body of water. Stormwater is not treated. From a natural source it came, and to a natural resource it goes. The concern over the years has been this system’s impact on our local bodies of water.

This water picks up dirt, oil, and chemicals from whatever it touches, such as roofs, treated lawns, outdoor furniture, cars, asphalt, etc. Plenty of people have expressed concern over how stormwater pollution is affecting the plants, animals, and people involved with these polluted waterways.

Where Does Tap Water Go?

Tap water, which is any water coming from your faucets, goes down your drains and toward the nearest wastewater treatment plant, as does sewage. The wastewater treatment plant processes the water through multiple cycles, filtering out particles from the monstrous to the microscopic. All of the treated water re-enters the local waterways. A plant that creates and disperses tap water to residences and businesses collects water from reservoirs or natural bodies of water, and so the cycle continues.

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