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Two Types of Storm Drain Cleaning

Before and After storm drain cleaning

There are two types of storm drain cleaning, or is it just two steps of one process?

Storm drain cleaning is one of the most fundamental ways to prevent flooding on a massive scale. Storm drains eventually get clogged with sludge, leaves, and other debris. Their catch basins get full; their pipes get stuffed. Storm drain cleaning is something that residents can do for storm drains on their property, and professionals can do for businesses and government entities. What exactly goes into it? There are two types of storm drain cleaning you’ll want to know about.

Dry Storm Drain Cleaning

Dry storm drain cleaning is the act of using vacuums, shovels, and other tools to loosen and remove compacted sludge and debris from pipes, culverts, catch basins, etc. In professional circumstances, storm drain cleaning companies will use a vacuum truck to suck up the debris, wet or dry. This truck contains the waste, which the team then classifies and properly disposes.

If you do not remove the sludge, it will only go further down into the nearest river, creek, etc. This option can be problematic, as the sludge could be classified as hazardous waste. The two types of storm drain cleaning are really two steps in the same process. You can’t really have one without the other.

Wet Storm Drain Cleaning

Wet storm drain cleaning would be the pressure washing that comes after debris removal. Water blasting also helps break down debris. Specialized rotating nozzles can power through the most hardened dirt. The vacuum truck may still need to be in use to remove hazards in the wastewater and contain it for disposal. Some hydrovac trucks can perform dry and wet storm drain cleaning at the same time. Jet Blast Inc. has storm drain cleaning trucks that also filter the wastewater and can return it to the storm drain after cleaning.

Other Elements of Storm Drain Cleaning

Other elements that go into storm drain cleaning include addressing problems with the storm drain itself, like cracks or tree root invasions. Afterward, the team must also assess the waste and contain and dispose of it properly. 

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