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Disposing Wastewater after Water Blasting

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What happens to wastewater after it’s used for water jet blasting?

Water jet blasting is a superior method for cleaning commercial, municipal, and industrial surfaces. It completely cleans out pipes, produces white metal finishes, and minimizes dust and structural damage to concrete. The benefits of water blasting are endless. There’s more to the story, though. What happens to the water used for water jet blasting? Below, you can learn more about disposing wastewater after water blasting in Maryland.

The Need for Clean Water

What we do with wastewater depends greatly on how important we view clean water to be. Ultimately, wastewater makes its way back to the local streams, rivers, etc. In Maryland, there are plenty of those with the presence of the Chesapeake Bay. 

What difference does clean water make? It means a healthier environment for water life to thrive. Fish, crabs, oysters, and more will prosper when the water is free of hazardous chemicals. It also makes natural waterways available for recreational activities like boating, fishing, and swimming. What’s more, it makes water a lot easier to treat so that people can drink it. People can drink, animals can drink, and plants can get hydration, all without exposure to poisons.

Water Blasting Applications

Where might you find water blasting of use and wastewater to contain? Small projects would include car washing, sidewalk cleaning, and commercial kitchen equipment cleaning. Applications that Jet Blast Inc. deals with include construction sites, ship hulls, storm drains, power plant equipment, concrete swimming pools, tanks, and much more. Cleaning any of these surfaces could use up gallons and gallons of pressurized water.

Pre-cleaning Your Surfaces

Before your water blasting team begins to work, it can reduce the amount of pollutants in the wastewater. Doing some pre-cleaning will help reduce how much the company needs to filter and treat the wastewater. Pre-cleaning would include sweeping and vacuuming free bits of dirt, paint, dust, etc.

Disposing Wastewater after Water Blasting

Jet Blast Inc. uses industrial vacuum trucks to suck up dry and wet waste materials. Wastewater goes through a filtration system built onto the truck, and Jet Blast Inc. has three different containment methods: auger off loading, power drumming, and pneumatic off loading. To learn more, please contact Jet Blast!

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