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How to Prevent Flooding in Your Town

How to Prevent Flooding in Your Town

Keep your city safe from floods with these things in place.

Flooding is one of the most destructive forces in nature. Water is essential for life, but it can also be a torrent that no man can withstand. Flood water can also contain harmful bacteria and algae blooms, risking the health of people and animals. It also threatens the structural integrity of buildings, roads, and other manmade structures. How can you prevent flooding in your town?

A Strategic Design

Flood prevention begins with design. A good storm drain design will accommodate room for a rush of stormwater to flow through it at a consistent velocity without rupturing the pipes. A proper design will prevent backflow, smells, and floods. A neighborhood or city’s storm management system is under the control of that particular city or county.

Prompt Repairs

The responsible personnel should also be prompt in making any repairs to the pipes, culverts, catch basins, or any other part of the stormwater sewer system. This system needs regular inspections to catch any problems before they turn into leaks and floods. A water main break can stop traffic for a whole day!

Lush Landscaping

Landscaping doesn’t just look pretty; it also prevents flooding in your town! Plants’ roots lock the soil in place and keep it from moving. In other words, plants prevent erosion. Should the soil wash away, it could encourage floods and large puddles when heavy rains come. 

Land development workers grade the land and install landscaping so that stormwater will flow to a convenient drainage point without eroding the soil. Grading and landscaping go hand in hand to direct stormwater into the stormwater management system.

No Trash in Drains

Locals have a role to play, also. No one should dump trash like food, chemicals, bits of plastic, and other items onto the street or down the storm drain inlet. Naturally, it will clog the stormwater pipes and make it harder for stormwater to flow through it as it should.

Regular Storm Drain Cleaning

Storm drains do get dirty over time, taking in salt, dirt, plants, and a whole host of other things. Regular storm drain cleaning is the quick and easy way to keep flooding at bay. Jet Blast Inc. is happy to keep your neighborhood, city, or commercial property flood-free with water jet blasting!

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