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All About Catch Basin Cleaning


All About Catch Basin Cleaning

Do your local catch basins need cleaning? Jet Blast is here to help!

Stormwater management systems take water runoff and direct it to the nearest retention pond or water treatment plant. Without these systems in place, flooding would be much more prevalent, especially after a heavy storm. Like any system, storm drainage systems need cleaning and maintenance, and some parts need particular attention. Here is all about catch basin cleaning and how Jet Blast Inc. can serve your community.

What Is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is the first part of a storm drainage system that you see. Other names for the catch basin are the storm drain and curb drain inlet. It appears as a grate on the street level, a narrow opening in the curbside, or both. Below this opening is a sump. A sump is a basin into which excess water and large debris fall. 

Within the catch basin are one or two pipes. Sometimes, a catch basin is a checkpoint between two pipes carrying water away during a surge. Other times, it may be a starting point that leads down into the pipe system. If there are two pipes connected to the sump, they will be positioned in such a way that debris will fall to the bottom or temporarily float on top. Only unpolluted water from the middle will go further along.

Why Catch Basin Cleaning Matters

Without cleaning the basin out from time to time, there will be no one to remove the debris that collects there. Leaves, trash, dirt, and chemicals settle at the bottom. When the debris fills up enough, it will prevent the catch basin from performing as it ought. It could lead large debris to flow out into the storm drainage system and ultimately the community’s waterways or push excess water up into the streets and cause flooding. 

What Is Catch Basin Cleaning?

Catch basin cleaning usually happens once a year. A company like Jet Blast Inc. can remove debris from the sump with their patented equipment and methods, whether you live in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Virginia, or Washington, D.C. With their specialized vacuum trucks, Jet Blast Inc. can fulfill all your catch basin cleaning needs!

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