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Types of Culverts Jet Blast Cleans

Types of Culverts Jet Blast Cleans

Culverts come in many forms; Jet Blast Inc. cleans them all!

A culvert is a manmade structure that allows water to flow under a road, bridge, or railway in a controlled manner. Common materials used in their construction include concrete, steel, aluminum, plastic, and high-density polyethylene. Culverts keep natural water from overflowing and damaging surrounding areas. Jet Blast Inc. provides culvert cleaning services for all types of culverts, such as the ones below.

Pipe Culvert

A pipe culvert is one or more cylinders within a solid structure and can be made of concrete, steel, or other materials. An engineer could design the culvert to be one large single pipe culvert or a low culvert with multiple, smaller pipes. They are excellent for channeling large quantities of water.

Box Culvert

A box culvert is a reinforced concrete structure with box-like angles. Box culverts come in different kinds, but the most basic types are a single box culvert and a multiple-box one. This type will allow excess rainwater to flow under the roadway during a heavy storm.

Pipe Arch Culvert

A pipe arch culvert is like a pipe culvert, except that its pipes are half circles. One large half-circle pipe or multiple arches may be used to create the pipe arch culvert. These culverts can be made of multiple materials, including brick. They are best suited for water drainage with a steady flow, and are ideal for allowing fish and other things to flow through it without getting stuck.

Arch Culvert

The arch culvert is like a pipe arch culvert, except that it has manmade floors below each arch. They can be made of concrete, metal, brick, etc. They were the most common type of culvert in the 19th century for roadways, canals, rivers, and railways.  

Bridge Culvert

A bridge culvert serves a dual purpose of a bypass and a channel for water or another roadway. A bridge culvert typically will create a road for trains, vehicles, or people to cross over a body of water, like a creek, although in some cases, the culvert will cover another road for pedestrians or vehicles.

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