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Maryland’s Water Supply Systems

Jet Blast Inc. Maryland's Water Supply Systems

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We do not typically think about where our water comes from. All we have to do is to turn on the tap and get a fresh glass of water for drinking, washing, gardening, and many other uses. This easy access to clean water comes from our water supply systems, which take water from a natural resource and continuously direct it to homes and businesses and sanitize the waste. Jet Blast Inc. is proud to help Maryland’s water supply systems stay clean.

Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater from drains of all sorts goes to the wastewater treatment plant. The water treatment plant runs the water through several systems that take out a long list of microorganisms harmful to human beings. After an intricate, thorough process of cleaning and sanitizing the water, it goes back toward the city and toward the main water line.

Water Main

The water main is the municipal water pipe system that carries water throughout the major arteries of the town’s water supply system. Their engineering results in a controlled water flow rate and pressure. Individual businesses and homes must draw from piping off of the main line to maintain the water main’s water pressure.


A city or building may store water in a reservoir to minimize the delay in delivering water during a power outage or some other disruption of the water supply. A reservoir could be a lake, pond, or enclosed container (a tank) that is above or underground. In mountainous regions, reservoirs are at a higher elevation. A water tower is a distribution center and a type of reservoir that houses and disperses water to individual buildings.

Water Tanks

A water tank is an enclosed container that could be above or underground. There are many uses for water tanks, but they also can be part of the water supply system. Individual buildings have water tanks that also store water on a short-term basis in case of a power outage, water main break, or another disruption. If underground, they have a secure lid to keep dirt from contaminating the supply.

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