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Can Storm Drains Prevent Flooding?

Jet Blast Storm Drain Services

Can storm drains prevent floods? What are they capable of?

Storm drains are those holes or pipes in the ground or pavement that take water away from the streets and keep them away. With all the flooding from recent storms in Maryland and more on the way, one might wonder if storm drains are the solution. Can storm drains prevent flooding? 

Types of Storm Drainage Systems

Storm Drains

Storm drains come in different forms, but all lead to the main stormwater runoff pipes that run toward the nearest destination. They catch the stormwater in a catch basin, an underground tank that filters out sludge, leaves, and other debris, before streaming the water toward the main pipeline. The main pipeline is engineered to carry a certain capacity of water at a specific speed to prevent backflow, excessive sloshing, and damage to the pipe walls.

The storm drain inlets differ; some are curb openings, grated drops, grated slots, or a combination. They catch water running downstream, stopping it in its tracks. If you have ever watched water dechlorination in progress, you would be surprised how much rushing water one storm drain can take.


Culverts are pipes that help water get to its proper destination instead of overflowing onto roads, hillsides, etc. They often help streams flow under roads, driveways, or paths. This type of storm drain also does wonders in keeping water flowing where it should, whether it is a gentle, shallow creek or a swollen force of nature.

Can Storm Drains Prevent Flooding?

Storm drains and culverts undoubtedly help stormwater flow toward the nearest body of water rather than people’s homes and businesses. Their engineering is highly advanced, calculating volume, slope, and velocity. However, unless there are backup storm surge installations in place, one should not think flooding is impossible. An unusual amount of rain will eventually back up the storm drains.

The Importance of Storm Drain Cleaning

How can storm drains maintain their full capacity? Jet Blast Inc. comes to the rescue. These unsung heroes periodically clean out our storm drains, keeping them from clogging and keeping our homes and businesses dry. You also have a part to play: learn about it here!

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