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Water Blasting Applications in the Construction Industry

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

In construction, water jet blasting might be a crucial step in the project.

Water jet blasting has many different applications for many industries. Jet Blast Inc. services business locations, municipalities, and industrial sites in Maryland and the surrounding states with state-of-the-art water jet blasting and vacuuming technology. What are the water blasting applications in the construction industry, in particular? 

Water Blasting Applications in Construction

Removal of Waste Products

Water blasting machines can swiftly clear off hazardous contaminants. They break down stuck-on debris and do away with toxic dust, dirt, and sludge. Construction sites can contain all of these waste products. A water blasting machine will remove the danger of breathing in toxic particles and slipping on dangerous surfaces.

Surface Preparation

Another task that a water blasting machine does wonderfully is surface preparation. It can be to clean the surface, to change the surface’s texture, or both. Water blasting may be combined with solid objects like sand to create the desired finish. Surface preparation prepares a surface to bond with another material in construction.


Daylighting is the uncovering of utilities. Instead of using sharp shovels to dig down to the wires and pipes, high-pressure water will get the job done much quicker and safer. At the right pressure, the water can unearth the utilities without damaging them. 


Hydroblasting can also dig holes for construction work, such as the installation of utilities and utility poles. While the water blasts through the earth with precision, a hydrovac truck can suck the sludge into a built-in filtration system.


Pressurized water also has the power to destroy. In construction, hydrodemolition uses water blasting technology to break down concrete while preserving the rebar inside it. 

How Can Water Blasting Technology Help You?

Do you have a commercial property, industrial plant, or municipality that you manage? Jet Blast Inc. is available to come to your water blasting needs on your construction site, business location, etc. Aside from the construction industry, we also specialize in cleaning stormwater management systems, power plants, ships, and more.

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