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What Is Water Dechlorination?

Chlorine creates safe drinking water, but what about water dechlorination?

If you have ever noticed water spewing from a local fire hydrant with no one around and wondered what was happening, you are not alone. You might be familiar with water chlorination, which is how we have clean drinking water, but there is also a time for water dechlorination. There is a chance that a dechlorinating diffuser was attached to the fire hydrant. What is water dechlorination, you may ask? Let’s answer this mystery once and for all.

What Is Water Dechlorination?

As you might expect, water dechlorination is the removal of chlorine from water. The process filters chlorine out of the running water. The water coming out of a fire hydrant is the same as what pours out of our faucets and showerheads and is safe to drink. Why is it necessary to dechlorinate water if it is clean?

Benefits of Dechlorinating Water from Fire Hydrants

Chlorinated water damages natural environments like rivers, streams, and soil. It can be toxic to plants and animals in itself and the byproducts it leaves behind when it reacts to other substances in natural waters. Wastewater treatment plants must also beware of disinfection byproducts. Chlorine particles can also be airborne, which can be harmful to health as well.

Chlorine has been the tried and true tool for removing bacteria and viruses from water, but some reports say that people who drink tap water regularly may be at a much higher risk of cancer. Filtered water is the best way to go.

Aside from the chemical impact that chlorine can have, there is also the water turbulence from the fire hydrant to consider. Dechlorination diffusers slow the rush of water coming out of the fire hydrant, which is important as wastewater flows down the street past parked vehicles and anything else that might get in the way. It will also be easier for water to flow directly into the nearest storm drain without flooding it.

Why Companies Flush Water from Fire Hydrants

Municipalities may need to flush out fire hydrants as an inspection test, a removal of contaminated water in the water system, or a maintenance task to remove rust and debris. Jet Blast Inc. manages municipal, industrial, and commercial tank cleaning and water treatment plant cleaning. If you have questions, learn more with us!

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