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Choosing the Right Water Blasting Nozzle

Pipe Cleaning Tools

Jet Blast chooses the best water blasting nozzle for every project.

Water jet blasting serves many functions, from the industrial level to the residential. While people might use pressure washers to clean their patios, companies like Jet Blast Inc. use specialized water jet blasting equipment to clean sewer pipes, reservoirs, ship hulls, and power plants. They also use tools for removing paint, rust, tar, etc., and exposing rebar. Of course, you don’t apply the same equipment for every job, which is why it’s important to choose the right water blasting nozzle for each case.

Choosing the Right Water Blasting Nozzle in Three Steps

Size of the Bore

The size of the borehole should work together with the air compressor to form the desired water blasting production. If it is too small, some of its potential will not come through, and if it is too large, you also lose blasting potential. 

Shape of the Nozzle

Not only does the nozzle size matter, but the shape plays an enormous role in its water blasting effect as well. Two of the most standard nozzle shapes are the straight nozzle and the Venturi nozzle.

The straight nozzle produces a pinpointed jet stream, ideal for removing paint, rust, tar, concrete, and other hardened substances. The air compressor funnels air into the bore, where it compresses and accelerates along with the abrasive material straight out the other side. 

The Venturi bore narrows and then widens again. However, a Venturi nozzle does not use the Venturi effect; rather, a better name for it would be the de Laval nozzle. You can find more detailed information on its physics here.

Material of the Nozzle

Most often, water jet blasting nozzles are made of carbide, a combination of carbon and a metal like stainless steel. Cheaper nozzles will not last as long as more expensive ones, but the expensive nozzles will be able to remove the toughest grimes. 

Spray Degree

Yet another way to measure the effectiveness of a water jet blasting nozzle for a particular job is the degree of the spray; that is, what angle the water radiates. A fan-like spray with an angle of 65 degrees has much lower pressure than a 0-degree spray. The smallest degrees usually apply to large-scale water blasting projects, such as rust removal or industrial cleaning.

Leave It to Jet Blast Inc.!

Jet Blast Inc. can take the hassle of figuring out the best nozzle type for your project with decades of expertise and the best equipment available. Contact us for your water jet blasting needs in Maryland!

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