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Water Blasting Concrete: A Great Solution

Water Blasting Concrete: A Great Solution

Concrete needs repairing, refurbishing, or demolishing; water blasting is the solution!

Water blasting has many applications. Jet Blast Inc. in Maryland uses high-level water jet blasting to clean out sewer lines, reservoirs, power plants, and tanks. It is also a popular technology for performing numerous concrete projects, from demolition to repair. Water blasting concrete is a great solution for many needs, as you can learn below.

Water Blasting Concrete: Applications

Water jet blasting has adjustable pressure, so it can apply to many needs in the concrete world. These applications include but are not limited to:

  • Paint removal: Companies call in Jet Blast Inc. to remove paint from swimming pools, airport runways, and much more. A hydromower may be the best tool to remove marks cleanly.
  • Exposing rebar: Rebar is the metal skeleton within concrete structures essential for reinforcement. The rebar can rust due to improper installation or another issue, and needs repair. Exposing it fully will help contractors make repairs.
  • Concrete demolition: Water is powerful enough to demolish concrete and is very advantageous for such for the following reasons.

Water Blasting Concrete: Benefits

Create an Ideal Bonding Surface

The result of water-blasted concrete is a rough surface, and that is ideal. Overall, this rough surface helps with adhesion. It helps new paint adhere to the surface, as well as new concrete meld with old concrete.

Limit Dust

Sandblasting and similar technologies can produce a lot of dust and dirt. Naturally, it poses a health risk to the workers and could be more to clean up. Water blasting puts a stop to spreading dust and takes care of itself.

No Damage to Surrounding Surfaces

Water blasting also does not produce any vibrations when it works, unlike some other concrete removal machines. The vibrations shake the surrounding structures, which contractors likely want to keep intact when the job isn’t demolition. The water jetting operator might need to further remove damaged concrete after the initial blast in rebar exposure, but it otherwise preserves the entire structure.

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