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Hydro Demolition vs. Jack Hammering

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Today we take a look at two competitors: water blaster vs. jack hammer. Which treats concrete better?

Concrete is one of the world’s oldest manmade construction materials, and the structures have lasted thousands of years to tell the tale of how durable it really can be. That does not mean they never suffer any damage or need changes. Scarifying, cutting, and demolishing are part of the process of maintaining and improving various concrete structures. If your construction project requires scarifying or demolishing concrete, you have at least two options. Let’s compare hydro demolition and jack hammering. If you have any questions, Jet Blast in Maryland is happy to assist.

Hydro Demolition Is Quiet

If you imagine a busy construction site, you will probably think of the sound of loud drilling . . . a jack hammer hard at work. Jack hammers demolish concrete and asphalt and are quite common. If you go with hydro demolition, the construction site will be much quieter, saving the ears of construction workers and passersby.

Hydro Demolition Is Dust-Free

The forceful vibrations of jack hammers cause a lot of dust to fly, requiring PPE for respiratory protection and eye protection. Hydro demolition also requires operators with proper training and caution, but it is an advantage that you won’t have to deal with so much dust, if any.

New Materials Bond Better with Hydro Demolition

When scarifying concrete, hydro demolition creates an uneven surface, while jack hammering makes the surface smooth. It is better to work with an uneven surface when applying new materials to concrete so that the surfaces will bond better. 

Hydro Demolition Preserves Sound Concrete

Jack hammering can cause microfractures to form in the concrete you want to keep intact–that is, the sound concrete. It is a less careful method of fixing old concrete, causing slightly more damage as it goes. Hydro demolition does not cause this damage, nor does it damage rebar. 

Hydro Demolition vs. Jack Hammering: Cleanup

Cleanup is different between each concrete demolition or surface preparation method. Hydro demolition cleanup is the responsibility of either the general contractor or the outsourced hydro demolition specialist. Disposing of many gallons of wastewater is no problem for Jet Blast Inc.!

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